CNC Machines


900208 CNC controlled drilling and milling machining center SCM / REM
incl. loading and unloading system UNIX and OMAL,
the plant is still in operation and can be visited any time,
on request we will send you a video to,

Price: 95.000,00 €   

900209 CNC machining center MORBIDELLI Type AUTHOR502, working surface: 2.600 mm x 700 mm,

 Yardage the axes: x = 2.900 mm, y = 1.030 mm,
z = 125 mm,
Speed electric spindle: 9,000: 18,000 rpm,
Speed side milling cutters: 6000 rpm,
Programmable speed X-axis and Y-axis: 60 m / sec.
Programmable speed Z-axis: 25 m / sec.