HOMAG Optimat BOF311/72/F/KC


HOMAG Optimat BOF311/72/F/KC

Sigmaringen, Germany


The HOMAG Optimat BOF311/72/F/KC is a CNC machine that is used for the precise and automated processing of wood, plastics and composite materials was developed. It has a wide work surface of 7,200 x 1,600 mm and a working height of 300 mm, which allows to machine large and complex workpieces. The machine is equipped with a high-precision milling head that enables a variety of milling and drilling tasks to be carried out. With a spindle speed of up to 24,000 rpm and a power of 15 kW, the machine can achieve high processing quality and speed. The BOF311/72/F/KC has an automatic tool changer function that makes changing tools quick and easy might. With up to 12 tool stations, the machine can hold a variety of tools, enabling a fast and precise processing. The HOMAG Optimat BOF311/72/F/KC is a robust and reliable CNC machine that provides precise and efficient Allows machining of workpieces. It is ideal for the furniture and carpentry industries and others Applications that require high precision and efficiency. ·        Further technical data on request Available Vsl. from February 2024 · Special price for pre-orders


ModelOptimat BOF311/72/F/KC
Stock Number700011
· Axles5
· Main spindle15 kW
· Steeringpower control
· Tool changer12-speed
· Workpiece length (Y) max.7.200 mm
· Workpiece width (X) max.1.730 mm
· Workpiece thickness (Z) max.300 mm including clamping device
· Travel speedUp to 80 m/min